Low Carbon Concrete

DMI Low Carbon Concrete

DMI low carbon (DMI LC) mix designs utilize carbon neutral cementitious materials, such as fly ash, silica fume and slag, to reduce the amount of cement used.

This produces a lower carbon footprint and decreases the carbon intensity of ready mix concrete. This lowered carbon intensity value comes from the use of carbon neutral materials and greener practices, such as rail transportation.

Carbon Intensity (CI) is the amount of carbon produced during the making of a specific concrete mix, in lbs CO2/yd3 concrete (pounds of carbon dioxide per cubic yard of concrete).

Typical vs. Typical DMI vs. DMI LC

Compare Mixes:

Typical 2500 psi Ready Mix Concrete
  • Served by truck
DMI Typical 2500 psi Ready Mix Concrete
  • Served by rail
DMI LC 2500 psi Ready Mix Concrete
  • Served by rail
  • Performance based mix design with increased supplemental cementitious materials (SCMs)

*By using rail, DMI saves carbon by 1% every time.

Carbon Value:

By reducing the amount of carbon produced, the carbon cost of concrete is reduced as well. The Low Carbon Mix saves about $2.50 a yard.**

**Based on an estimated future carbon tax of $25.00/ton CO2 produced.

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