Picture of concrete recycler. Here's an example of washed aggregate from returned concrete. Mixer trucks dumping wash out and returned concrete into recycler. Picture of concrete recycler. DMI is a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club! Concrete blocks and parking stops made with left over concrete. DMI is a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club! Concrete that water can flow though. Pervious concrete next to standard concrete. Good examples of how pervious concrete works. By the use of Class F Fly Ash the benefits are many, including Reduced Water Demand and Increased
Silica Fume is another highly reactive pozzolanic byproduct material. When you have the need for high
strength concrete, Silica Fume will deliver!
Blast Furnace Slag offers many of the same benefits as Fly Ash with a big bonus, Slag has it own
cementitious properties and when enhanced when used with portland cement producing much
higher strengths in concrete.

DMI is sincere about conducting our business in the most environmentally responsible and proactive manner.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, while using our experience and technology to blend a more sustainable product.

DMI is locally owned and operated with a team experienced in custom blends of cement and ready mix concrete.

DMI is the only Ventura County ready mix producer that is railway served, reducing the amount of trucks on the road and our own carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a sustainable performance based high quality ready mix concrete, with exceptional service.

DMI is reducing the carbon footprint of ready mix concrete by using supplementary cementitious materials to make it more sustainable.

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