High Strength Concrete

High Strength Concrete

High strength 6000 psi concrete with ADVA 190. The start of a Oxnard Shores beach house using 6000 psi concrete. Oxnard Shores beach house upper deck using 6000 psi concrete. Testing a flow-able high strength asphalt and concrete patch.

High strength concrete is generally defined as concrete with a compressive strength of 6000 psi or greater.

A few examples of why you would use high strength concrete would be:

To put the concrete into service much sooner.
To build high rise buildings and bridge decks.
Satisfy the specific needs required in dams, marine applications, parking garages and industrial floors.

DMI has great success with our 6000 psi mixes and is currently testing up to 10,000 psi. Contact DMI sales for more information on your High strength concrete options.

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